• Capybara enjoys olives and mushrooms

    Qwest internet provider has incompetent and inconsiderate customer service. Earlier today Mark was on the phone through 7 different representatives over the course of 2 hours. If at all possible, don’t use Quest.  Qwest is to internet provider, as rotten baby bird is to change purse.

    Today we returned from Linda’s (Darin’s mom) house to the Rainbow Villa. Linda’s 3 dogs I will miss. Sunny, the Chihuahua, would greet me in the morning by licking my mouth and face.  Here at the Villa the are lots of spiders around.

    On our way from Linda’s, we stopped at Albertsons to get food. Our food decisions are to a great extent decided by which foods will get us the most Monopoly game tickets. Albertsons is currently holding a monopoly game with numerous large and small prizes. Some foods award you bonus tickets, other don’t. I wanna win so bad I can taste it. Smell it. If we don’t win, we’re nothing.

    I’ve gotta do laundry tomorrow and I’ll probably use a snuggle fresh dryer sheet in the dryer. I’m almost certain I’ll treat myself to this luxury.  Not 100% certain.