• Kansas City CD Release!!

    Last saturday marked the beginning of our three month fall tour that will sweep across the midwest, pacific northwest, west and southwest.

    The CD Release event was held outside in the breeze at the Yard adjacent to the Beaumont Club where a metal show preceded us, rocking like the hammers of Thor
    about a hundred old & new friends showed and dance-rocked the lawn for our set — half of which is new material & half from “Try Brother” — all of it re-envisioned musically for fireflies & cicadas plus a few set design & sample surprises

    updates will be posted more regularly about upcoming shows
    so follow closely and don’t miss us when we’re in or near your city!!

    we are eager to get in touch with as many venues & bands as we can along the way and still have some open dates that we’d love to fill, so spread the word and contact us!

    in other news, Wikipedia vs Predator ?

    love, capybara