• Three Months? Huh?

    Tonight’s show at The Mohawk is Capybara’s last pure venue show of this tour. It’s been eleven weeks, and we have one more to go. After tonight, all of our Austin shows will be at The Dobie Theater (which is a movie theater), and then we’ve got a Dallas house show and a show in Houston at a restaurant/venue. I can’t believe we’ve finally come to the end of this tour! Three months in tour-time is basically three-years in regular time.

    It’s fitting that the most important thing we’ve done all tour is going to happen during our last week. Tomorrow. We. Are. Going. To meet. A real capybara. His name is Caplin Rous, and he is possibly the most famous capybara on all of YouTube. Here he is eating a popsicle:

    Yeah. We’re going to be doing that tomorrow. It just so happens that Caplin and his owner live just outside of Austin. We are going to film the whole meeting and try to play him a song and hopefully that footage will eventually make it to your eyes.

    Okay! That is basically everything I am excited about or everything I have been excited about. I hope this tides you over, internet. We miss you. No, not you, internet. We see you plenty. We miss everyone else.