We finally made it! We are back in Kansas City after 3 months of living in the van (& occasionally playing some shows for some people), we have recharged our capybatteries, and THERE IS SO MUCH EXCITING NEWS we can’t wait to share.

    For starters, since the day we returned, we have been hard-at-work throwing together a makeshift studio in the spare bedroom of Nathan’s house, laying down some new tracks for this amazing movie One Too Many Mornings. A little less than a month ago, our friends Anthony Deptula and Mike Mohan approached us, asking if we would like to compose some awesome new music for their awesome new movie, which would wrap just before the final deadline to submit the film for consideration of Sundance 2010.

    Just a few days ago, Sundance posted their list of selections for the upcoming festival, andOTMM got their official invitation to The ‘Dance! After a short phone call in which I took the opportunity to ask Mike if he hadn’t hired somebody else like Yanni already to finish the score after hearing the news, we are still in disbelief that they want to use our new music to help them premiere this incredible film in front of such an excited audience in late-January of next year. We have such great friends.

    Which brings me to my next point. We met the most famous-est REAL capybara ever. And we sang it a song.

    I’m hyperventilating now, so I need to stop talking about all of this exciting stuff – but stay tuned, because there is plenty of news to come.  And if you live near Kansas City, come help us celebrate our first show back as apart of the Record Machine showcase this Friday night (12/11)  at the Czar Bar with some more friends. We would love to see your smiling faces. Oh, here is that video!