So One Too Many Mornings premiered last night, and it was a huge success! Not only was it packed in the theater with eager eyes and ears, but it was also our first chance to see the music we composed matched to film.  The verdict? An INCREDIBLY humbling experience.

    As I looked down at my official Sundance badge, (“Mark Harrison / Sundance 2010 / Composer / One Too Many Mornings”) I couldn’t help but smile as I scratched out my name and wrote “Capybara,” wishing that everybody in the band could have been there with me. The film finished, everybody who worked on the film walked up front for a brief Q&A, and then, the attention.

    All of the awesome folks from the One Too Many Mornings crew gave so many compliments on the soundtrack — especially because it was many of THEIR first times hearing it as well. Because of their encouragement, we have decided to release the music from the soundtrack for an affordable $2, and we hope that you enjoy. Head on over to The Record Machine for the download link.

    I can’t say it enough. This whole collaboration has been such a pleasure, and I hope you all give this film a chance. Rent it on YouTube until 1/31 for $3.99, Buy it in HD for $9.99, or order a DVD and more at their official site.

    Oh, and if you do buy the soundtrack, you might just get more than you bargained for.  Like, maybe an official OTMM Ringtone?