• Darin's solo project: Saharan Gazelle Boy's "Airplanes Can't" ONLY $2

    It’s true.
    Believe the hype (there is so much hype).

    Darin has been making solo albums for a while now under the moniker Saharan Gazelle Boy.  And the newest one has just been released by The Record Machine.  It is called “Airplane’s Can’t” (IT ONLY COSTS TWO DOLLARS WHAT) and here is what some folks are saying about it:

    Capybara member Darin Seal has released a solo record under the name Saharan Gazelle Boy and it continues my obsession with the Capybara gang. A beautiful record with more electronic leanings than Seal’s work with Capybara, Airplanes Can’t needs to be heard.
    -Jonny Leather

    [Y]ou should take your chance to download Saharan Gazelle Boy’s albumAirplanes Can’t for just two dollars from The Record Machine…But be warned, it’s no folk what Saharan Gazelle Boy plays, it’s bedroom pop with some dream pop flavor to it…sometimes calm, sometimes the opposite. In the end a really nice album one should own.
    -Common Folk Meadow

    Your album is beautiful. I love this. It makes me want to make a movie about two kids that are on summer vacation on a nice island somewhere who totally have a romance and in august are pulled away because they have to go back to school in different cities.
    -Mike Mohan, Writer/Director of One Too Many Mornings

    Okay so!  If you want to download “Airplanes Can’t” (DID I MENTION IT IS ONLY TWO DOLLARS), then just click this here button:

    Now available on: Itunes

    And, you know, be sure to go to Saharan Gazelle Boy’s MySpace, because that is a thing that I am legally obligated to say (I have the weirdest lawyers!)

    Please comment on this post and tell us what you think of “Airplanes Can’t.”  Seriously, if you like Capybara at all, you will definitely be into Saharan Gazelle Boy.  Trust us.