• T-minus 24...hours...

    Okay folks. 

    First of all, and again, thank you.  Thank you so dang much.  We reached our Kickstarter goal, and for that we are absolutely ecstatic.  Our Kickstarter campaign has shown us how many people are interested in hearing more tunes from Capybara, and trust us, we want to make them.  And then we want you to listen to them.  So!  With that in mind…

    There are only TWENTY FOUR HOURS left to pledge to our Kickstarter, and so we figured we would celebrate by offering one more carrot to those that have been on the fence about the whole thing (we understand being on the fence!  We practically live on fences.  Sleeping is not easy).  Here’s the deal: anyone who donates in the next TWENTY FOUR HOURS (caps=ccfc) will get their Kickstarter reward AND a demo version of the first song Capybara has recorded as a band in, like, a year.  It’s called “Vandals,” and we are really proud of it.

    (Oh, and of course, anyone who has already donated will receive a digital copy of Vandals, too.  Duh!)

    Jared, Joel, Mark, and I (Darin) just can’t express how amazed we are by you guys.  Great things are coming, like Capybara’s first show in a long time.  And naturally, tons and tons of music, as promised.