• FAQ

    As a “member” of the “band” “Capybara,” I am often asked how to pronounce our band name. Some people say it “Capy-bear-a” and some people say “Capy-bar-a.” We don’t really care how you say it. But we have been getting that question so often that we came up with a stupid joke answer, and that answer is: “the preferred pronunciation of our band name is Crappyboring.”

    Anyway, now re-directs to the official Capybara site (you are here now). This is not a joke. Try it yourself. Tell your friend.

  • Kansas City CD Release!!

    Last saturday marked the beginning of our three month fall tour that will sweep across the midwest, pacific northwest, west and southwest.

    The CD Release event was held outside in the breeze at the Yard adjacent to the Beaumont Club where a metal show preceded us, rocking like the hammers of Thor
    about a hundred old & new friends showed and dance-rocked the lawn for our set — half of which is new material & half from “Try Brother” — all of it re-envisioned musically for fireflies & cicadas plus a few set design & sample surprises

    updates will be posted more regularly about upcoming shows
    so follow closely and don’t miss us when we’re in or near your city!!

    we are eager to get in touch with as many venues & bands as we can along the way and still have some open dates that we’d love to fill, so spread the word and contact us!

    in other news, Wikipedia vs Predator ?

    love, capybara

  • REVIEW: Ink KC Magazine scopes out Try, Brother

    We just got wind that the lovely Kansas City-based Ink KC Magazine just reviewed Try Brother in their new issue, on newsstands now.  We were psyched to see the wrap-up, and flattered by their nice words:

    The group succeeds by creating a musical atmosphere with seamless effort. By proficiently mixing vocal harmonies with soaring guitars, serene strings and tribal beats, Capybara creates a distinct sound and proves itself as a unique, emerging force in Kansas City music. Listening to the album evokes the childhood simplicity of enjoying a warm breeze and an ice-cold Coke, while racing across a country road. Try ’em, brother.

    Check out the whole thing here or pick up a copy if you’re local!

  • Bandwork.

    Hello friends. And thank you.

    Thank you for spending time on our site, listening to our music, reading about what we are doing, looking at our silly videos, and writing us messages. Thank you for your kind words, your criticism, and your genuine thoughts about how to make this project a little bit more successful, piece by piece. And of course, thank you for your friendship.

    For almost exactly a month now, we have been translating our recorded music into a live show. We have played five shows between Kansas City, MO and Columbia, MO, and a lot of you have given us ideas for how to improve our live set, whether it is, “Mark, take off your shirt!” or taking mental notes and sharing them with us later. In between these shows, we have all been hard at work, rehearsing the songs, playing with the order, and brainstorming daily to find genuine moments of excitement to share with you on stage.

    But off stage and out of the rehearsal space, we have been spending most of our time these days researching venues, contacting bands, writing personal messages – we need to hear what strangers think of us as well. It has been difficult! There are so many pieces to the puzzle when trying to take a project like this to the next level, and if you are lucky enough to notice the small successes that you do have on a daily, bi-daily, or weekly basis, then you know that shortly after success, you find even more work to be done. The process is dizzily cyclical.

    So for the past three weeks, I have been doing the best I know how to try to book shows. And this is the weirdest thing ever. Factors upon factors upon factors that go into the equation of getting a show as a brand new band. We are learning. We are listening, and we are doing what we can. Which usually involves writing somewhere between 25-50 e-mails a night. But many of you have helped us. And we are thankful.

    One e-mail, sent late Monday night, was sent to the fine fellows at LEMP ARTS in St. Louis, MO, requesting a show / trying to get our music out to someone in the area who could help us start establishing ourselves in this network. Our new friend Charlie at Lemp Arts not only responded to our e-mail (sometimes, even THAT is rare), but he provided some of THE most honest feedback we have encountered so far:

    (PARAPHRASING) “I’ve gone through more trouble than I want to discuss trying to get bands to play the show that thursday.. I need to do good for Skeletonbreath, and all the money this show will make is likely going to them.. Unless you can guarantee me that 50 people will show up to see you play, I mean promise me and write it out in blood, then I can’t book you here in May..”

    He also has THE coolest pseudonym ever – “Charlie Moneybags” – but the reason that I am so thankful for people like Charlie is that he cares about booking that show. He cares about paying bands who are traveling. He cares about people coming to a show to see a band that is out of town. He does his job well. And we want to learn how to be a band that works with people who care about what they do. Because we care about what we do.

    If you read this, and you are in the St. Louis area, please go support the show he is putting on. Here is the information:

    Who: Skeletonbreath / Bootz Orchestra
    When: Thursday, May 7
    Where: 3301 Lemp / St. Louis, MO 63118

  • Press Alert!

    Capybara friend Ashley S. sent us a sweet link today to a UK-based music blog called Monkton Versus Plankton. Apparently, little garden gnomes sent them our album and they posted a review.  They highlight a few of our songs (“The Wimp,” “Happiness,” and “Birthday Song”) and say some very nice things:

    Most importantly, as much as Capybara seem to take cues from other musicians, they master every sound they make and never sound like pretenders, always like musicians; original, diverse, vibrant. Not that I mean to gush. Take a tour for yourself.

    Aw, shucks, guys.  Glad to hear we have some fans over the pond! Make sure to check out the review here and the great blog here!